Bathrooms Detail Autocad blocks top or plan view

Toilet 1

autocad drawing Toilet 1 in Bathrooms Detail
Autocad file, drawing in dwg and dxf formats : Ceco.NET-Bathrooms-Detail-Tx-32.dwg
Library 3

Autocad block : Toilet 1 in top or plan view

Description of this template : Autocad drawing of bathrooms lavatory washrooms lavatory WC water closet convenience cloakroom powder room privy washroom restroom men ladies room commode comfort station girls boys room smallest room WASHING bathing showering grooming.

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Toilet 1 - TOP Ranking : # 187

TOP Ranking : # 187

Lib 3 - Bathroom set, toilet, bidet, lavatory and bathtub

Library : Lib 3 - Bathroom set, toilet, bidet, lavat

UCS View :  in top or plan view - Toilet 1

UCS View : in top or plan view

Scale in Imperial System : Drawing Unit = inches - Toilet 1

Scale in Imperial System : DU = inches

Scale in Metric System : Drawing Unit = meters - Toilet 1

Scale in Metric System : DU = meters

.dwg file size : about 24.27 KB - Toilet 1

.dwg file size :about 24.27 KB

.dxf file size : about 20.88 KB - Toilet 1

.dxf file size :about 20.88 KB

Cost : FREE - Toilet 1

Cost : FREE

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